All About Accounting

Why should you change the way you’ve been doing things?
Because TGG-U’s accounting courses make you a better accountant, better employee and better new-hire.

The many reasons that…

Accounting Counts

No company can scale without an accounting department. Yet, many scale without paying close attention to the structures and training that make an accounting department efficient and effective.

When it comes to profitability and productivity, accounting gets cobbled together and expected to wear many hats.

We do things differently.

TGG-U is focused on creating excellence in accounting. Whether that Is by training recent graduates to be the best new hires they can be or by engaging companies with our custom training solutions, we bring the highest level of accounting and accountability to all of our courses.

Have you ever wondered…

Is your accounting team giving you all the data you need?

Cash flow forecasting, end of year reporting, monthly reconciliations all depend entirely on the quality of the staff-level accounting that takes place in the organization. We train staff accountants to the highest standards (and Controllers and CFOS!) to ensure that decisions about your company’s finances are based on the best information available.

Training in the TGG Way™ is the backbone of all we do.  We believe in systems and processes, we believe in impeccable accounting, we believe in the numbers.

How and Why TGG was started

Straight from the horse’s mouth (that’s Matt Garrett’s mouth to you!)

What is the TGG Way™?

While every business is unique, the structures needed for financial reporting excellence remain the same. Those standards are the structures upon which the TGG Way™ was formed.

Every client of TGG is assigned a team of four accounting professionals. The CFO, the Controller, the Accounting Manager, and the Staff Accountant. This team stays with you throughout our entire engagement increasing accountability, depth of understanding of your unique business, and loyalty.

What kinds of companies does TGG work with?

TGG provides outsourced accounting to small and mid-size clients from diverse industries. Working with companies with between $5-$60M in revenue. We work with:

  • Companies in need of a professional accounting department to provide strong financials, establish systems and processes to increase profitability, build a plan for growth, help in scaling a business, and ensure goals and objectives are met.
  • Companies that need a scalable finance team to assist with a business exit strategy, budgeting, and planning, financial benchmarking, and business valuations.
  • Companies seeking strategic guidance with business strategies, financing, raising capital, and/or attracting investors.
  • Companies looking to create viable Plan B’s – crisis plans, backup plans, and emergency preparedness plans.