About TGG University

Live, online accounting courses for all levels of accountants, designed to sharpen your accounting skills.

Let us introduce ourselves

A few words about us

TGG U is the brainchild of TGG, and TGG is the brainchild of Matt Garrett.  So, essentially, TGG U is like Matt’s brain-grand-child.  Heritage aside, what this really means is that The TGG Way™ is at the heart of why we do what we do. The TGG Way™ outlines a process by which impeccable accounting can be scaled up for companies of all sizes.  Teams of four (Staff Accountant, Accounting Manager, Controller, and CFO) are assigned to every client.  The result is, the businesses who work with TGG know exactly where they are, can plan for the future, and make decisions by the numbers.

TGG U is the way we share the love (and skills) necessary to bring that level of accuracy in accounting to anyone and everyone who wants to be better.

How it all came to be…

Accountability and Accounting, the perfect pair

Speaking of brain-children (and we were), TGG U has another brain-parent in James Hin, the organizational development guru of TGG.  James had the idea that accountability, leadership, and personalized programming would create better accountants and better humans all rolled into one.  TGG U is not just about the brain-dump of accounting theory and information.  Our commitment is to the career trajectory of our students.  We envision an online community where skills get sharpened and goals get set creating leaders who are team players and team players who are the best they can be.

Our Team

James Hin

Organizational Development

Bonnie Howard

Bonnie Howard

Consulting CFO

Joe Johnston

Director of Business Development (OC/LA)

Blake Dueñas

Senior Staff Accountant

Javier Salazar

Managing Director

Emily Weltch

Learning and Development Coordinator