About TGG

Outsourced accounting services for businesses between $6m – $50m in revenue.

The TGG Mission


Having the right numbers and financial processes in place improve business outcomes and lead to greater success.
As an entrepreneur who had started and sold multiple companies, TGG Founder and Chief Executive Officer Matt Garrett learned the critical role that accurate, timely, usable financial information plays in making the right business decisions. And so began his personal goal to guide business owners to make better decisions, to achieve professional and personal success, and to scaling a business so they can achieve profitable growth.

TGG is made up of the best and brightest outsourced accounting and finance professionals who are passionate about guiding business owners along the path to achieving optimal financial performance. We call this, The TGG Way™.

How Does TGG work with companies who have internal teams?

For companies who have an internal accounting staff, TGG is a great fit to support overworked CFOs and controllers and improve internal reporting.
An outsourced accounting team does not have to be a replacement for your internal team. At TGG, we enjoy the partnership with your internal people and actively support them through teamwork, reporting, weekly calls, and our dedication to excellence in financial management.

For companies looking to outsource their entire accounting department, TGG is able to place our teams of  4 experienced financial professionals on the account. This team can be your entire accounting department. The TGG teams are comprised of a CFO, Controller, Accounting Manager, and Staff Accountant. Weekly reports close the loop with stakeholders allowing for full financial transparency and strict internal controls improving fraud prevention in addition to impeccable financial reporting.

How and Why TGG was started

Straight from the horse’s mouth (that’s Matt Garrett’s mouth to you!)

What is the TGG Way™?

While every business is unique, the structures needed for financial reporting excellence remain the same. Those standards are the structures upon which the TGG Way™ was formed.

Every client of TGG is assigned a team of four accounting professionals. The CFO, the Controller, the Accounting Manager, and the Staff Accountant. This team stays with you throughout our entire engagement increasing accountability, depth of understanding of your unique business, and loyalty.

What kinds of companies does TGG work with?

TGG provides outsourced accounting to small and mid-size clients from diverse industries. Working with companies with between $5-$60M in revenue. We work with:

  • Companies in need of a professional accounting department to provide strong financials, establish systems and processes to increase profitability, build a plan for growth, help in scaling a business, and ensure goals and objectives are met.
  • Companies that need a scalable finance team to assist with a business exit strategy, budgeting, and planning, financial benchmarking, and business valuations.
  • Companies seeking strategic guidance with business strategies, financing, raising capital, and/or attracting investors.
  • Companies looking to create viable Plan B’s – crisis plans, backup plans, and emergency preparedness plans.