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TGG University is associated with (let’s say we’re the teenage kid of) TGG Accounting.  To understand the depth of experience we have as an educational outlet you have to understand TGG and “The TGG Way™” (oh yeah, it’s trademarked).

The TGG Way™ works like this:

Every client is assigned a team of four accounting professionals. The CFO, the Controller, the Accounting Manager and the Staff Accountant. This team stays with that account throughout the entire engagement.  This increases accountability, depth of understanding and the ability of the team to anticipate financial pitfalls. The teams work together to solve problems, create systems for financial accuracy and accountability and ensure that nothing falls through the cracks.

They also have team names:

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If you graduated from a 4-year university you may have tidbits of knowledge like: how to calculate the rotational period of a binary system, who wrote the Taming of the Shrew and the names of all the quarks (top, bottom, charm, strange up and down).

This education is not like that.

Our courses are real-world experience and skill-building that will make you a better hire, a better candidate for promotion and a better accounting team member.