Cash Flow Forecasting

Revenue is vanity, profit is sanity, but cash is king.

Cash Flow Forecasting

Staff level accountants will find the Cash Flow Forecasting course manageable.  If you do not have 3 years of accounting background, take our Intro to Accounting course first. 

It’s a measurable skill

Cash flow forecasting done right is a major value-add for accountants who are working with small to mid-sized companies where accounting staff wear multiple hats.

Tools to take away

A good use of time and a great way to advance.  “Well that was a a waste of time.” said NOBODY ever after taking the Cash Flow Forecasting course. (or any of our other courses to be frank.)


Learn the basics of cash flow forecasting from our experts. Led by our senior accountants, Bonnie Howard and Joe Johnston, we will walk you through the TGG University Cash Flow Forecaster Tools ins and outs teach you the process by which large companies are able to accurately predict cash flow and make business decisions based on the numbers.


The TGG Cash Flow Forecasting process will teach you how to give a business a clear picture of the health and safety of their finances for the next 13 weeks, 6 months, and onwards.

Recommended Experience Level and Cost

  • Eligibility Criteria

    The cash Flow Course and use of the tool requires some experience with accounting.  We recommend 1 – 3 years of work experience.

  • Investment


    Payment can be made by credit card through our secure portal.

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What to Expect:

Watch as Bonnie and Joe walk you through what to expect in the Cash Flow Forecasting class. From cash flow actuals to tools and tips on how to use the forecaster.

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