Dynamic Online Courses in Accounting

It’s accrual world. Get the skills to get ahead.
We can’t promise that’s the last accounting joke you’ll hear.
We can promise you’ll get the skills you need to be a valuable asset to any accounting team.

What We Do.

Pre-recorded video courses. Get the skills you need to be an asset to your existing team or brush up on your skills to get your next job. A great introduction to the TGG Way™.

When you’re serious about becoming a better accountant, moving up and gaining skills the dynamic online accounting courses offered in TGG-U’s  Certificate programs are for you.
Twice weekly live streaming classes give you personalized attention to ensure that your certificate is more than a piece of paper. You will have actionable skills to be an asset to any accounting team.

Dozens and dozens of videos outlining everything from AR and reporting to excel and cash flow forecasting. CEO of TGG, Matt Garret’s videos are comprehensive, engaging and useful.

  • Profitability Insights

  • Defining EBITDA

  • Fringe Costs

Guaranteed class size under 15. We are committed to…

Small Class Size and Personal Attention in Every Certificate Course

There are thousands of online courses.  Most of them cost very little and give you exactly what you paid for.  It’s the sad truth.

We are different.

Our courses are taught by current accountants at TGG Accounting located in San Diego, CA.  Our instructors spend their days “in the trenches” working on real -life problems and bring that practical hands-on experience to every class.

Our live zoom classes are fewer than 15 students at all times. In addition to class time, students have access to teachers by email when class is not in session to ask questions, review problems and get the coaching they need to be successful.

We are committed to the success of every student.  And because of that, we don’t accept everyone.

If accounting is not a viable career path for you, we will tell you and direct you to other careers you are likely to be more successful in.


from June 2020 grads of our Foundations of Accounting Certificate Course

I believe that the most valuable part was the practice problems and discussing the answers as a group.

Staring at the teacher’s back while they talk at a whiteboard is for the birds.

I love the jokes and the practical applications. the real life stories helped to see what it is like in real life as opposed to examples. 
I did not study accounting in college and the extra effort the instructors put forth in facilitating that accessibility is an awesome thing. 

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